Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Hot Dog/Taco Countdown

On Thursday at 1:20 we will have our anatomy ultrasound for Tater. I have posted a poll to the left so any readers can vote for a gender! Here are some things that may help you make your decision:

~Heartrate lately has been in the 140 range.
~I seem to be carrying high.
~No puking episodes, except for once at 16 weeks.
~No cravings.
~Aversion to hamburgers and heavy proteins.
~Have lost 5 pounds.
~Chinese Gender Predictor says Girl.
~Pendulum test says Girl.
~We have a boy name picked but are clueless for a girl's name.
~I have had dreams of Tater being either gender.


  1. You are totally having a boy...I just know it! You can't trust the Chinese calendar or the pendulum. :) Can't wait to find out either way! :)

  2. Yeah, the Chinese calendar said Tucker would be a girl.