Thursday, June 3, 2010

9 Months

Chloe is now the same age Tucker was when I got pregnant with her. I can't believe I had babies so close together. Now, at 9 months, it doesn't seem so hard. I'm going to be honest...the first six months are a complete blur to me. There isn't much I remember. I was just surviving on auto pilot whipping out defense mechanisms left and right.

But these days are much more enjoyable. Coco is such a sweet girl. She's very quiet and has what my in-laws call "Stealth Mode" where she will quietly crawl where she is not supposed to go and get into stuff she is not supposed to touch. She purses her lips in shy little smile, the face that cracks my mom up! She has a pointy little tongue that she sticks out at my dad while they play. She smiles at Ryan with a special smile she reserves just for him, he's wrapped around her finger already!

She now has three bottom teeth and she is a trooper with the teething! No fevers, no inconsolable crying, just a little more frequent waking at night. She is still a little peanut, I would guess her to be around 16 pounds now. She is cruising around furniture with standing alone right around the corner!

She giggles when you read to her and she especially loves touch and feel books. She also has a talent for finding all kinds of disgusting things left on the floor by her brother and cousin. She hates having her diaper changed and will fuss if you don't give her something to hold onto.

I love my Coco!