Sunday, May 8, 2011

Twenty Pounds on My Chest

Miss Chloe has been a sick little girl, sicker than she ever has been before. It started with random diarrhea Tuesday night, followed by a rash, followed by puking. It is now Sunday (and my FOURTH Mother's Day!) and she seems to be turning the corner.

Yesterday was really bad. The poor thing slept until 10:30, was up for an hour and then crawled on my lap, laid her head on my chest and fell asleep immediately. I think she was awake for maybe four hours total yesterday. She didn't even want me to play Pat-a-Cake with her, which is one of her favorites. She just kept asking for "song", more specifically the "bird song" which is Hush Little Baby (Mockingbird).

She slept all night last night on my chest too. As much as I hate that she is sick, there is something so magical and comforting about the weight of your baby's head on your chest. It always makes me feel so deeply loved and sentimental. And I love that she needs me when she is looking for comfort. Although is has made for a less than ideal Mother's Day regarding activities, sometimes life slows you down just when you need it to.