Thursday, April 22, 2010

We are so in trouble....

Case in point #1: I was running Chloe's bath water and she was standing at the side of the tub watching. I looked over and saw her hike up her leg trying to get in by herself! When she realized it wasn't gonna happen, she started bouncing up and down like a crazy person! I was a little late with the camera, but she did do the leg hike again. We're gonna have to watch her like a hawk!
Case in point #2: Um. She is just over 7 months old and is pulling up and cruising! I had a different video to post to show her cruising a bit better but it was rather long and kind of boring. And if her mother thinks it's kind of boring, pretty sure you would agree. So, here's a short and sweet, albiet less impressive one:

Tucker also sat, crawled, and pulled up early but then he stopped and finally started to walk just past the 15 month mark. It will be interesting to see if Chloe does the same or if she will be an early walker. My bet is she will be early because she's already cruising, which Tucker never had an interest in trying.

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