Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Word Worm

Chloe is only 15 months old and her vocabulary is freaking amazing. Obviously she doesn't take after me because I just used the word "freaking" instead of something that would sound a bit more intellectual. Eh, I'm smart, I'm just lazy. Here is a rundown of some of the words and phrases Chloe is using:

Words: mom, mommy, mama, daddy, Tucker, dog, doggy, cat, fish, fork, water, drink, eat, poop, table, car, spoon, cup, apple, banana, chicken, lips, ears, eyes, mouth, feet, toes, stinky, yucky, breakable (I am not kidding), Christmas, pretty, baby, block, whee!, airplane, octopus, pumpkin, chair, go, light, book, please, Emma, Cora, Grandma, Papa, Jake, Riley, bowl, table, impeccable (thank you, Aric), Aubrey, gate, walk, diaper, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, five, bug, frog, turtle, hop, quack, woof, bee, careful, milk, more

Phrases: thank you, read it, no-no, here ya go, I dunno, bye-bye

I know I am forgetting a ton but Ryan is asleep or I would have enlisted his help with this list. She amazes us every single day! Smart girl! <3

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  1. She IS AMAZING!!! I have to give you props too, for teaching her to have a big vocabulary. Breakable? Seriously? :-)